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Barriers to Communication

Welcome to Helping Hands Barriers to Communication workshop where participants will learn the various different ways in which we can communication and recognise the plethora of different barriers to that communication. Upon completion of this workshop participants will have an understanding of what barriers to communication exist and be able to deploy effective communication techniques to mediate their effects. Participants will also be trained in the use of AAC and visual aids.

Autism Therapy
Hearing Aid

Barriers to Communication Training Course Overview

Unit I: Introduction
Unit II: Effective Communication
Unit III: Ways we communicate - Verbal
Unit IV: Ways we communicate - Non-Verbal
Unit V: Why we communicate
Unit VI: The Barriers to communication
Unit VII: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Unit VIII: Expressive Vs Receptive Communication
Unit IX: Comprehension 
Unit X: Key Word Levels
Unit XI: Vocabulary
Unit XII: Non-Literal language
Unit XIII: Supporting Understanding
Unit XIX: Expressive Language
Unit XX: Communication with learning difficulties and mental health
Unit XXI: Autism
Unit XXII: Dementia
Unit XXIII: Supportive Expression
Unit XXIV: Approaches
Unit XXV:  Visual Aids
Unit XXVI: Reference
Unit XXVIII: Makaton
Unit XXIX: Intensive Interaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any prior training/qualifications to do this course?

No, participants do not need any prior training or qualifications to attend this course. Helping Hands’ training courses are designed to pass on skills and knowledge to complete novices as well as experienced professionals, all participants will benefit from this course regardless of experience or existing skills/knowledge.

Do you offer this course online?

Yes, a similar version of this course can be accessed via virtual workshop. Helping Hands trainers can deliver this training course over a video conferencing platform such as Zoom where they will share their screen, lead discussions with participants and deliver the learning outcomes over the internet. If you would like to access this course via virtual workshop please get in touch.

Do you need to be physically fit to do this course?

There are no physical aspects to the learning of this course. Therefore, this course is accessible to people of all levels of health and fitness, to be able to pass this course participants need to demonstrate an understanding of the course material and be willing to learn and engage with the course – there are no physical requirements to this.

Do you gain a qualification from this course?

This course is certified by Helping Hands and participants that pass this course can hold their course certificates as evidence of learning and an excellent level of knowledge, understanding and skills pertaining to this topic.

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