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Get Involved

Attend a Training Session

If you are a parent/carer and would like yourself or your child to attend a training session and find the support and information that you need please do get in touch!

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Sponsor us

If your company would like to help support children with disabilities and their families to access the training and support that they need you can sponsor us now! Sponsors will have logos displayed on our site and promotional materials.


Make a donation today and help to contribute towards providing the essential training sessions that help young people with disabilities and their parents to access invaluable skills, support and information.

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Partner with Us

If your company can help us to deliver valuable training courses and resources to the people that need them the most then please do get in touch and help us make a difference.


We are always looking for motivated people to help us provide our important training sessions, if you would like to donate your time and effort to help us in our cause, then please do get in touch!

Volunteering Group
Breast Cancer Awareness Race


We are always looking for people to help raise money to allow us to keep delivering our training to the people who need it the most. If you would like to get involved and fundraise for us then get in contact now!

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