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If your company can help us to deliver valuable training courses and resources to the people that need them the most then please do get in touch and help us make a difference. We work with Partners to deliver online training courses, provide resources for our service users and to run training sessions. If your company can help us in our mission or your organisation would like to work together to deliver training, please do get in touch. 

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Our Partners


We are an affiliate partner of Virtual College, and working together we provide online training courses for parents and carers as well as providing a range of useful downloadable resources.

We are an affiliate partner of Online CPD College, and we work to make a range of online training courses accessible for parents and carers that may be useful to them in their personal and professional journeys.


Another affiliate partnership with Centre of Excellence to bring a variety of online training diplomas and audiobook courses to our service users.

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families bring us a selection of incredibly useful downloadable resources for parents and carers to access for free.

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Lead Academy is another affiliate partner who we work with to provide online courses for our service users especially a wide range of courses on special needs

Printful oversee and fulfill the printing and delivery of customized products in our online store, the profits of which go towards running support services at the community hub.


We are affiliate partners with Public gift to bring a range of products celebrating autism and mental health awareness. Purchase of these products go towards supporting community hub services and donations to national charities raising awareness of these issues.

Ascendant Content are our long term supporters and partners helping us with SEO, blog writing and website services.


Therapy service using a cutting edge approach, working with the nervous system and utilising technology and techniques to support people’s healing. Together we run training on Trauma Informed Parenting.

EmpowerPlan offer a wide range of mental health workshops as well as rapid and powerful 1:1 therapies, group therapy based workshops. 

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Euphoric Recall is an artist drawing inspiration from struggles with mental health, creating attractive and impactful designs for Helping Hands' merchandise available in our online store.

offering a wide range of freelance design services for local businesses. Ranging from entirely digital design such as branding and guidelines, illustration and social media packages, to print and product manufacturing. creating  designs for Helping Hands' merchandise available in our online store.

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Complex Connexions help parents who are struggling to support their more complex child or teen, with neurodivergent challenges or mental health difficulties. Running parent workshops, providing a platform for a parents and carers online community and offering 1:1 support sessions.

We have partnered with Ecologi so that with every purchase from Helping Hands Community Hub's Online Store, we plant 1 tree. To view our Helping Hands Community Hub Forest click here. This forms part of our commitment to becoming a carbon positive company and reducing our impact on the environment. To donate and plant a tree click here:


Our partners Integral Workplace Wellness help to provide a wide variety of mental health workshops and training courses. Experts in mental health training and support.

We work with Kitchen Table Teacher to deliver a range of short courses to help parents understand the methods that their children are being taught in school in Reading, Writing and Maths and show them what learning looks like for children matched to their age.

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Video resources that would be relatable to young people, fully inclusive and that would actively challenge systemic issues such as gender stereotyping and the hetronormative teaching of sex education. To help parents/carers to better support their children during puberty and on important sex and relationship issues.

Create Visual Aids are visual communication experts who help create happier, calmer routines and transitions through the use of visual symbols. Their products are often recommended to parents of neuro-diverse children, but are in fact beneficial to all children and many adults. You can access Create Visual Aids' products, or contact them for advice about visual communication, through our online store.


Help Sheffield is an online community aiming to answer questions, support local people and spread awareness of all things Sheffield. Helping us to spread the word about our vital training courses and workshops.

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Hallmark Theatre is a theatre company based in York, Aiming to create theatre that is fun, accessible, and educational. Running events designed to celebrate autism and autistic people.

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