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Audiobook Courses

Updated: Jan 17

Audiobooks are voice recordings of published books, courses and other written resources. The global audiobook consumption is expected to grow by 26.4% from 2022 to 2030. Which means many more people, including your children, will be listening to audiobooks!

Why is this the case? Mainly because reading books and taking dedicated classes takes time, attention and usually more money than the portable format of an audiobook. You could learn how to manage your young child's anger management issues while driving, or understand why your daughter is developing eating disorders while washing the dishes. Of course, if you have reading or viewing impairments, the audio format can give you access to a wealth of knowledge that you previously had difficulty in attaining.

As an organisation that is dedicated to making social care education more accessible, our partners and us want to help you support your loved ones through audiobooks! We have the following affordable audiobooks available on our website that will improve your children's and your own quality of life:

Whilst these cover a range of topics, we are striving to make many more courses and audiobooks available for the caring parents who want a better life for their families. You can view all of our current, and future courses here.

So, the next time you're commuting to work or taking a walk, download one of our audiobooks, plug in your headphones, and learn something valuable.