Autism Alert Cards

South Yorkshire Police and the National Autistic Society have collaborated to create a new Autism Alert Photo ID Card.

The free, credit-card-sized Autism Alert cards are now available to help police and other emergency service workers communicate with autistic residents more effectively, enabling those on the autism spectrum feel more at ease in what may potentially be an extremely stressful or frightening situation.

Additionally, they offer Learning Disability Alert photo ID cards to help officers and other emergency service workers communicate efficiently with individuals with learning disabilities.

On the application, you will be asked to provide details about your communication requirements, interests, and sensory experiences. If you ever need to present your card to an emergency worker, they will have immediate access to this information, enabling them to work with a better understanding of your needs, to communicate more effectively and prevent any misunderstandings. The card also includes the names and phone numbers of two people – relatives, friends, or support workers – who can be contacted to help them.

Anyone of any age can request an alert card, as long as you are able to provide South Yorkshire Police with a copy of your formal diagnosis from your GP, information that you are awaiting a diagnosis or similar, and a passport sized photo. The cards are completely free of charge.

For the Autism Alert Card application form click here.

For the Learning Disability Alert Card application form click here.

And for the Mental Health Alert Card application form click here.

To listen to an audio version of this blog post click here: (coming soon)

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