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How to Get Involved!

Why should you get involved with Helping Hands Community Hub?

Setting aside some time to support a cause you are passionate about is something you will never regret. Volunteering, donating, and supporting a cause through whatever means you can will impact your own life, and the community immeasurably. But most importantly, it will help you connect with others, on a deep and personal level, and isn't that what we all crave?

Once we get to connect with our families, friends, neighbours, teachers, students, colleagues we realise that all of us share similar stories. We all know someone who has special needs, someone who requires a wheelchair, someone who is depressed... Finding ways to care for them, and support them is how we grow, and how we can have a real impact on the people around us.

Helping Hands Community Hub was founded by a group of parents who care for children with special needs, and a group of social care professionals with over 30 years of experience. After a young boy tragically took his own life in our Yorkshire community, we decided to make make social care resources freely available to the families who need it the most. We now have over 50 audiobooks and online courses available to raise awareness on mental and physical health, help parents/ carers and young people develop skills and knowledge, and be confident enough to support the community.

But we are still a young social enterprise, with plans to bring knowledge, skills and understanding previously reserved for social care professionals available and accessible for everyone. We appreciate any and all support that will enable us to continue providing high quality resources and training to the members of the community who need it the most - for free. There are many ways you could get involved with us, including:

  1. Attending a training session

  2. Sponsoring us

  3. Donations

  4. Partnering with us

  5. Volunteering

  6. Fundraising

Let's get into more details

Attend a Training Session

Our training sessions have been designed by our team of social care professionals to enable parents and carers to support their families, practically. Our sessions aim to deliver 3 things

  • Improve the parent/ carer's level of awareness on a wide variety of topics such as mental health, special needs and disabilities, and physical and emotional wellness

  • Bolster the parent/ carer's skills to manage real family issues using practical methods and tools

  • To support and help parents/ carers build a support network to help you with any additional support

We are always striving to make high quality training more accessible for members of our community. So far, our courses include Mental Health Awareness Training, De-escalation Techniques, Trauma Informed Parenting and more.

If you are a Parent/ Carer or family member and would like yourself or your child to attend a training session to find the support and information that you need please do get in touch! Take a look at the events we have upcoming here:

Sponsor Us

Sponsoring is a fantastic way to raise awareness about special needs, mental and physical health and the need for community. As a non-profit organisation, we are dedicated to using funds to promote and provide free training and support for families who need it the most. But the community, and us as an organisation are not the only ones who benefit. Sponsors get their names and logos mentioned on our website and on promotional material.

Below are some of our current sponsors: