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Helping Hands Community Hub is proud to have partnered with Kitchen Table Teacher UK to help parents and carers to learn how to better support their children through their education and their progression to key learning milestones.

"My name is Caroline Hudson and I am the owner of The Kitchen Table Teacher UK.

I have over 30 years’ experience as a Primary school teacher in West Yorkshire, and I am passionate about developing the chance for ALL children to be the best that they can be, and giving them the tools to make confident choices. I believe that by giving parents the knowledge and understanding of up-to-date primary school methods and expectations, they feel more confident with their role to help their own children.

My classes for parents of Primary School children are held in small, friendly groups in informal, neutral settings.

In each class, over a cuppa and a cake, parents learn more about how to support their children’s learning, develop their understanding of how and what they are being taught in school, and maybe even make some new friends.

I am delighted to have been invited to support parents in South Yorkshire through the work of Helping Hands Community Hub.

My groups will focus on the English and Maths skills and concepts being taught in Primary School.

These can include:

  • phonics

  • grammar

  • comprehension skills

  • writing

  • spelling

  • counting

  • fractions

and the four operations of:

  • addition

  • subtraction

  • multiplication

  • division.

I will explain and demonstrate methods, expectations and assessments relevant to particular age groups and give out common school type resources to try at home.

My classes are a relaxed and safe place to develop understanding and confidence, run at a pace to suit those in the group, and give an opportunity to ask those niggling questions. I am flexible in what we cover if parents have particular needs or questions."

Helping Hands Community Hub and Kitchen Table Teacher UK will be hosting free events for parents and carers in Sheffield to come and learn how to better support their children through learning and education.

Kitchen Table Teacher UK Flyer
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More information can be found on the website


on social media @kitchentableteacherUK

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