Trauma Informed Parenting with Modern Therapies UK

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we are noticing a a multi layered response in our children and young people. Many of our children and young people are struggling to cope with the ever shifting environment and rules, the loss of routines, access to friends and family and the threat to themselves and loved one’s has taken its toll on everyone.

The effect of trauma and adverse childhood experiences have on a young person’s ability to cope and regulate is often misunderstood by parents/carers and family members who support children and young people daily, there are so many challenges and stresses on young people today, and our wonderful parents and carers do an incredible job. The aim of this course is to utilize the power in them, to support healing and growth in our children and young people.

Helping Hands Community Hub are committed to building a foundation for these young people to further enhance their current development and find informed and appropriate support to work through their trauma and move past the turbulence of the last couple of years. We have partnered with Modern Therapies UK to help deliver a course to provide parents and carers with essential skills, understanding and knowledge to be able to tackle this ongoing problem and support their children and family members who may be experiencing trauma.

Modern Therapies UK are expert psychotherapists that specialize in the effects of trauma and healing through connection, with an approach focusing on the neurobiology of relational care and its innate reparative qualities. We are working with Modern Therapies UK to bring their expert psychotherapy and relational approach to parents and carers to help minimize the effects of trauma brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the tumults of the modern world today.

Trauma-Informed Parenting allows parents and carers to become more clued-up when dealing with ongoing trauma that a child or young person may be experiencing, and aiding the prevention of re-traumatisation in a familial setting. This will allow families to provide a welcome, inclusive, and caring environment in which children and young people feel comfortable and are provided with a safe space to cope with any trauma they may have experienced.

This course will provide families with the tools needed to support a child or young person dealing with any form of trauma and build lasting resilience within young people, to support and improve behaviour. This course will help you to minimize the impact of the pandemic and uncertain world we live in and provide a stable and secure home environment for your children, by developing and deepening your knowledge of what trauma is, how it shows up and how you can engage with it effectively to be able to best support your child.

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