Why you should attend our CPR & basic life support training event

The aim of the event

The BHF estimated that 10,000 people die every year in the UK as a result of people not knowing CPR. In fact, in some areas of the country rates of bystander CPR are as low as 39%. This means that people do not have the necessary skills to administer CPR. Nor do they know how to use AED’s (automatic external defibrillators). Ultimately, this comes down to the fact that people do not have access to high-quality basic life support training. Which makes them feel uncomfortable or not confident enough to help in emergencies.

This month, our team at Helping Hands Community Hub want to upskill and empower people to provide support to the community. We are running a FREE “CPR & basic life support training” event at The Library (10 Leeds Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield, S9 3TY) on the 17th of November, 2022 at 5pm. We will equip people with all the necessary knowledge and skills to enable you to confidently administer CPR and utilise AED’s in emergency situations.

Fundraising for an AED (automatic external defibrillator)!

We are also raising funds, with the support of the British Heart Foundation, to buy a publicly accessible AED unit. To provide our community with the essential equipment to be able to save lives and help keep us all safe. Here is a link to our fundraiser if you would like to donate!

What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR, is an emergency lifesaving procedure that is carried out if a person's heart stops beating. Administration of CPR immediately can double or even triple chances of survival after cardiac arrest. CPR works by maintaining the blood flow. Even partial maintenance of the blood flow can improve chances for a successful resuscitation once trained medical staff arrive on site.

What is an AED?

Additionally, an AED (automatic external defibrillator) unit can further improve chances of survival. The machine works by analysing the heart rhythm of a person experiencing cardiac arrest. Some AED units can use this information to prompt the CPR administrator to speed up or slow down their chest compressions. When appropriate, it will deliver an electrical shock to the heart to help restore its natural rhythm. However, successful administration of CPR, and use of an AED requires training.

"CPR & Basic Life Support Training Workshop" contents

This training workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to able to:

  • Quickly assess the scene

  • Respond by competently administering CPR

  • Utilise an AED (automatic external defibrillator) unit to aid in preserving a life

  • Additionally, we will also cover topics such as “priorities of care”, “choking”, and “heart anatomy” to enable participants to respond to all types of emergency situations.

Why should you attend this event?

The BHF research on the UK public’s attitudes to CPR and access to defibrillation estimates that a staggering “1 in 5 of us will at some point have the opportunity to save a life by giving CPR”. Whether that be in public, in our classrooms or offices, or at home. It is our lack of knowledge that prevents us from providing the necessary support to save a life. Attendance to our event will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to competently administer CPR and AED’s in emergency situations. In return, saving a life.

Fundraising support!

With that said, we are working hard, with the support of the British Heart Foundation, to provide a publicly accessible AED unit in our local community, that will increase the chances of survival in life-threatening emergencies. We would greatly appreciate any support you can give us by attending our “CPR & Basic Life Support” training event, and by donating to help us out! Here is the link to our fundraiser page.

Now we would like to hear from you

  • Do you think you would be able to confidently administer CPR in an emergency situation?

  • Would you also be able to use an AED to boost your neighbour, colleague, or family member’s chance of survival?

If your answer is no, we would like to invite you to our FREE “CPR & Basic Life Support” training event on the 17th of November, 2022 at 5pm at The Library (10 Leeds Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield, S9 3TY). Simply click here to book your place!

Additionally, if you are able to attend, we would like to ask you to support us in acquiring a publicly accessible AED unit by helping us raise funds. Click here to visit our fundraising page!

We look forward to seeing you on the 17th and If you would like to contact us for more information, please click here!

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